Our Community Based Services

In-Home Services

The Intensive In-Home Services Program is a community based intervention for at risk youth ages 3-18. The service includes comprehensive assessment and evaluation, individualized treatment planning, individual and family counseling, case management and crisis intervention. Each client is also encouraged to receive a health physical, dental exam and an eye exam to promote overall health. For admission into the Intensive In-Home program the identified youth must reside in the home at the start of care, and must demonstrate significant functional impairments in major life activities due to mental, emotional or behavioral illness. The goal is to keep the child with the family and prevent a removal from home. Services are provided primarily in the home, but may extend and include other community settings, i.e. school, court, or recreational facilities. Interventions are time limited and are provided according to youth and family need.

In-Home Services Program is

  • Licensed by the Virginia  Department of Behavioral Health and  Development Services (DBHDS)

Mentoring Services

Mentoring is individual instruction, role modeling, and 24-hour crisis intervention. Its strength is the relationship between a consistent caring adult and an identified youth. Interventions are delivered primarily in the community and generally address the development of socialization skills or independent living skills training.

Mental Health Skill Building

Mental Health Skill Building is an intensive home based services program available to older adolescents and adults with long term mental health needs. MHSB aims to develop the skills necessary to live independently and establish healthy rewarding relationships with others. Intervention efforts are designed to focus on the individual and their existing strengths and beliefs and to assist each individual to further develop skills necessary to realize appropriate, long-range solutions beyond termination of services. These skill development areas include medication management, housing and transportation, self care and daily living, money management, etc. Strengthening the individual’s functioning and preserving the individual’s dignity is paramount in the delivery of service.

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